Aortha PE1000

Aortha PE1000

Aortha PE1000 is a lightweight high-density polyethylene with little to no memory.  It is usually coupled with reinforcement to keep it’s moulded contour.

The thickness required is selected by patient’s weight or prescription instructions.  Aortha PE1000 being very rigid when applied, provides a much firmer finish making the material ideal for larger/heavier patients.

Our high molecular weight material is press moulded and provides very good impact and flexural strength.

Typical Thermoforming temperatures: 160-185°C.

Aortha PE1000 Features & Benefits:

  • Press moulded
  • Very good impact strength
  • Good flexural strength
  • Produces strong, rigid orthoses

Applications:  AFOs, KAFOs, FFOs, Body Jackets.

Sheet size: 1930 x 930mm.