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aortha market touch pointsWhy does aortha® exist?

aortha® supplies and manufactures the widest range of Orthotics and Prosthetics materials, workshop equipment and machinery in the world; due to our in-house manufacturing capabilities; we can provide bespoke products to customers and distributors.

The aortha brand was established in 2010 to bring all ALG developed Orthotic and Prosthetic materials and components under one brand which all clinicians and technicians around the world can trust.

How does aortha deliver?

aortha makes sure that all materials are of very high quality and are designed/ tested with Orthotics and Prosthetics professionals in mind, the comprehensive range of quality products are simple to use and are very user friendly.

With our own in-house cutting, splitting, laminating, printing and sewing machines on-site, aortha is able to manufacture and convert materials to almost any specification.

What does aortha do?

The aortha range includes a huge variety of EVA Sheets, Thermoplastics, CAD-CAM Materials, Leathers, Carbon Composites, Transfer paper for AFOs, Lower Limb Orthotic Joint Components, Workshop Equipment, Machinery and so much more.

All aortha materials are now available in a comprehensive range of specifications, sizes and colours, are cost effective, and offer superior consistent quality.

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