OrthaPrime for Rubber

OrthaPrime Rubber

One component Primer for Thermoplastic Rubber, Neoprene and Natural Rubber. Commonly used to prepare rubber sole units and sheet rubber for bonding in the manufacture or repair of footwear.

OrthaPrime for Rubber Primer Benefits:

  • Allows for perfect adhesion of commonly difficult-to-bond rubber materials.
  • Excellent for use with any Aortha adhesives.
  • Budget-friendly prices.

Adhesive Primer Application:

  • By brush (without metallic parts) .
  • Drying time before bonding: 60 mins.

Storage – Keep in cool place – protect from direct light.


Once applied to a material the halogenation process keeps the applied surface in an activated state ready for bonding. Storage at this point is important to avoid premature ageing of the component.
Take care in dusty or humid environments with high-temperature variations.


  • Never use with Metallic parts.
  • Avoid contact with skin or eyes.
  • Protect hands with rubber gloves at all times.
  • Use in well ventilated room.