Aortha Dual Density Slabs

Aortha Dual Density Slabs Features:

As part of our extensive Aortha CAD range, we also offer ‘dual’ density EVA blocks.  Dual-density combinations enable quick and efficient manufacturing of dual-density, multifunctional foot orthotics.

The combination of medium and low densities enables more choice and greater functionality of the finished foot orthotic.

The higher density gives more control of the foot while lower densities offer increased comfort.

Dual Density Blocks are manufactured from Easy Mill Grade EVA as standard.

Density (kg/m³)
A25/50 = 150/340
A50/65 = 340/470
A40/50 = 270/340

Code Density Colour
OG6561 A25/50 Blue/Green
OG6563 A40/50 Beige/Green
OG6565 A50/65 Green/Peach