Aortha OrthaGrip Rubber Solution Contact Adhesive

AORTHA OrthaGrip

Introducing Aortha OrthaGrip Rubber Solution, a versatile rubber solution adhesive ideal for working with rubber, leather and textiles. Aortha OrthaGrip is a natural rubber cement generally used for repairing and manufacturing shoes, leather goods, orthotics and prosthetic appliances. Excellent for use when linings and textile materials are being applied to stitched areas.

Aortha OrthaGrip Features and Benefits:

  • Apply on one surface for temporary bonding and both sides for a permanent bond.
  • Produces a more flexible bond than neoprene adhesives.
  • Very high initial strength and excellent heat resistance.

Storage: Keep in cool place – protect from direct light.

Use for:

  • Natural Rubber.
  • Textiles.
  • Cork.
  • Foams.
  • Leathers & greasy leathers.


Apply to both surfaces and allow to tack – 5-15 minutes as general use.