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Providing you with the skills, know-how and tools for success in O&P

Our commitment to education and innovation sets us apart from other suppliers. We work closely with the World’s leading academics and universities to both educate and to draw on the knowledge these institutions and experts provide.

Many of aortha® products are backed up by extensive research and studies, all of which are available on request or to download on our website. aortha® can provide speakers and educators for conferences, academic lecturing and in-house training. Factory and warehouse tours are available on request, as are facilities for providing your own training.

As part of our commitment to education we have a number of in-house training workshops over the next 12 months. Our specialist team will be offering their full expertise on manufacturing procedures, new technologies and innovative products as well as their in-depth knowledge on industry movements to work with you to develop your own skills.

You can contact us at [email protected] to request more details of our O&P training courses.

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