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aortha® Philosophy – at the heart of your O&P life

Most other brands are very much business and product focused; aortha® is here to make connections with patients, health professionals and medical suppliers. aortha is more than just an O&P materials supplier, aortha has developed itself to live and breath O&P.

aortha is at the centre of the whole O&P life-cycle. aortha offers a total solution not just in terms of equipping O&P workshops and clinics; it takes the lead in O&P patient care process from providing patient assessment tools right up to high-tech machinery to create O&P prescriptions such as bespoke orthopaedic shoes, insoles and covers.

We like to connect with people and understand their needs; we like to push a complete solution for all Orthotics and Prosthetics requirements and be at the heart of your O&P life; aortha is part of every stage in the O&P delivery:

aortha brand philosophy

Mission Statement:

aortha offers you the latest Orthotics & Prosthetics Materials, Workshop Equipment and Machinery that you can trust; aortha prides itself on consistency, quality service & innovation with Great British Design.

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