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High-quality supplies in Orthotics & Prosthetics solutions is only possible with machines that work just as professionally as you. All aortha® machines are manufactured by us and comply with global health and safety guidelines.

aortha® has machines for orthotics, prosthetics, orthopaedics shoes and general use.  Please see below:


The socket router is the basis of all artisanal activity in the field of orthopaedics technology.  aortha® supplies a range rofessional routers for use in orthotics and prosthetic labs and workshops.

Workshop Grinders:

aortha® grinding and milling machines are suited for processing various materials, especially EVA and CAD CAM blocks. Various tools can be used for rough machining, milling or finish grinding. see grinders.

Dust & Fume Extraction Units:

Extracting fumes and fine dust that may be hazardous to human health requires extraction systems; aortha® has a range of Fume Extraction Systems to remove adhesive and other toxic fumes from the work area.  The aortha® Dust Extractors range has been developed for O&P workshops.

Convection & Infrared Ovens:

Thermoplastics are increasingly being used in the production of orthotics & prosthetics devices.  aortha® has a great range of ovens for orthopaedic manufacture and modification. A variety of  ovens, air-circulation ovens and infrared ovens are available to you for heating thermoplastics and other materials.

Vacuum Forming Equipment:

Vacuum can be used for fabricating thin-walled resin laminates and forming thermoplastics. aortha® has a range of top quality vacuum forming equipment for casting and orthotic manufacture.

3D Printing:

One things that sets aortha® apart from the rest is the fact that we like to lead and innovate.  aortha® has developed one of the fastest 3D printers in the marketplace, it has the ability to print a pair of insoles in less than 1 hour and it comes with flexible TPU filaments that has multi density and memory properties.

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