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aortha® Leathers

Leather is the tanned skin from almost any animal. As a natural hard wearing material it has numerous Orthotic applications including cosmetic linings or as an actual functional orthotic component.

aortha® Leathers can be relatively expensive but, its appearance and versatility make it essential in high-end appliance manufacture. For customers on limited budgets, we also supply a range of cheaper attractive synthetic linings for use as a cosmetic insole lining.

Natural leathers can often vary slightly in colour and grain from one hide to another, or have varying shades through the length of the hide. This in many cases proves that the leather is of a premium quality and is unavoidable.

Hide sizing

• Hides sizes may vary. The measurements given here are based on the mean dimensions.
• All leathers are priced by the square foot unless otherwise stated.

Leather                                                   Size (Squ Feet)

Pig                                                           15

Skiver                                                      6-10

Orthopaedic                                            15

Nappa                                                      27

Calf                                                          10

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