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aortha® Adhesives & Bonding

aortha have developed a range of adhesives and bonding items for the orthotics & prosthetics technicians in mind; aortha® Orthabond and aortha® Actigrip have recently passed the independent SATRA test for being effective glues that bond EVA materials strongly together.

Current range includes:

Orthabond Contact Adhesive

Toluene FREE, high-performance contact adhesive.

OrthaBond is a one-part Polychloroprene adhesive which has a excellent final bond strength and good temperature resistance.

Open time:

15-20 mins

Use for:

EVA, Plastics, Leather, Rubber, PU, Cork, Metals, Woods, PE, Textiles

 Actigrip Neoprene Cement

High-performance, high strength Neoprene cement. Acti-Grip provides a strong bond and has excellent initial strength. It is a versatile, all-around performer with ‘quick grab’ and high strength for a reliable and efficient bond.

Open time:

20-40 mins

Use for:

EVA, Leather, Rubber, PU, Cork, PVC (Hardened), PPC, PE.

 DeZolve Cleaning Solution

Organic liquid compound. Used to dissolve contact adhesives.

Typically used for cleaning leather, removing shoe soles and adjusting other bonded footwear components.

No smearing or leftover adhesive film.

 ActiThin Neoprene Thinner & Cleaner

Thinner with a high solvent content for thinning of Neoprene adhesives.

Can also be used for cleaning tools, brushes, glue containers and working areas.

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